World Health Organization (WHO) Colombia: COVID-19 Emergency Response for Migrants and Refugees from Venezuela and Host Communities (P175111): Environmental and Social Engagement Plan (ESCP) – February 2021 – Colombia


  1. The World Food Program, hereafter referred to as “WFP”, will implement the RETF multipurpose emergency cash transfers to vulnerable Venezuelan households in four municipalities in Colombia, directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic) of the Colombian Project: Response COVID 19 Emergency Response for Migrants and Refugees from Venezuela and the Host Communities Project (hereinafter referred to as “the Project”). The State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF) has agreed to provide grant financing for the project, with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”, acting as than fiduciary.

  2. WFP will implement material measures and actions to ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with World Bank and WFP Environmental and Social Standards (ESS). This Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (PEES) specifies the material measures and actions, any specific documents or plans, as well as the timetable for each of them.

  3. WFP will work in accordance with its environmental and social sustainability framework by also complying with the provisions of any other environmental and social (E&S) documents required under the environmental and social framework (ESF) and referred to in this ESCP, such as the plan Stakeholder Engagement (SEP), and the timelines specified in the E&S documents.

  4. The table on the following page summarizes the material measures and actions required, as well as their timetable. WFP is responsible for compliance with all requirements of this ESCP.

  5. Implementation of the material measures and actions set out in this ESCP will be monitored and reported to the Bank by WFP, as required by the ESCP and the terms of the legal agreement, and the Bank will monitor and assess progress and implementation. completion of material measures and actions throughout the implementation of the Project.

  6. As agreed between the Bank and WFP, this ESCP may be revised from time to time during project implementation, to reflect adaptive management of project changes and unforeseen circumstances or in response to assessment of project performance. project carried out within the framework of the PEES itself. In such circumstances, WFP will agree the changes with the Bank and update the PEES to reflect those changes. The agreement on the modifications of the ESCP will be documented by the exchange of signed letters between the Bank and the WFP.
    WFP will promptly disclose the updated ESCP.

  7. Where project changes, unforeseen circumstances or project performance lead to changes in risks and impacts during project implementation, WFP will provide additional funds, as needed, to implement actions and measures to deal with these risks and impacts.

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