UK economy minister slams ‘smear campaign’ for criticizing wife

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (fourth right) and his wife, Britain’s Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (fourth left) pose for a photo with guests including UK Home Secretary Priti Patel (left) , Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (second left) and his wife Akshata Murthy (3 left) during a reception celebrating the British Asian Association at the British Museum on February 9, 2022 in London.

Britain’s Economy Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday denounced a ‘smear campaign’ by the labor opposition after his billionaire wife was criticized for evading some UK taxes amid a purchasing power crisis .

“It’s horrible to attack my wife to get at me,” he said in an interview published Friday in The Sun, noting that his wife, who is Indian, “was paying UK tax for every penny that she was winning” in this country.

His wife Akshata Murti, daughter of billionaire co-founder of Indian tech group Infosys, has ‘non-resident’ status, different from ‘non-resident’ status, allowing you to avoid paying UK tax on income abroad.

This means that her permanent residence is considered overseas, despite the fact that she and Sunak have an official residence in Downing Street.

According to The Independent, which reported the information, this situation has saved him millions of pounds in tax, including dividends from his stake in Infosys.

Sunak denounced what he considered a “smear campaign” coming from within the ranks of the opposition Labor Party.

But a source of this myth immediately denied the accusation and pointed the finger at the entourage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has recently been engulfed in scandals and his popularity has declined, while the popularity of the economy minister increased. Sunak was once considered the favorite to succeed Johnson.

When questioned at a press conference later, Johnson defended his minister, saying: “Rishi is doing a great job and I think, as far as possible, families should not mix.”

“My wife was born in India and I grew up there,” Sunak said. “It would not be reasonable or fair to ask you to sever ties with your country just because you are married to me.”

Non-resident status is legally legal, but the news has not gone down well with Britons, who are seeing their purchasing power dwindle amid historically high inflation, soaring energy bills fly away and, since Wednesday, an increase in social security contributions imposed by the Minister of the Economy. .

Sunak was criticized in March for his new budget measures, calling them elitist and a far cry from the real situation of most Britons. His popularity declined in opinion polls.

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