Trends and opportunities for the country

The digital revolution has generated new forms of production and developed consumption standards. With this change came the cooperative economy, a system in which Goods and services are traded and exchanged through digital platforms.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), the unemployment rate stood at 11.2% in April 2022, showing a significant drop from the 15.5% recorded in the same month of 2021. Additional economic income to deal with reactivationThe challenges left by the pandemic have become a constant to overcome.

Although economies have been affected by this global phenomenon, doors have also opened to other social, commercial and development dynamics. According to the Columbia Tech 2021 report, there are more than a thousand startups contributing to national reactivation through innovation and technology, compared to last year’s cuts.

In the case of Rappi, with more than 100 million downloads, more than 3,000 affiliates and 40,000 affiliated companies in Colombia, it has become a catalyst for opportunities and a fundamental player in the economy of the country and the region. As a 100% digital entity, it transfers to customers savings in physical structures, reduced costs and more advantages; Providing cutting-edge utility through technological advancements.

Digital platforms have been a channel in the formalization of industries and this is demonstrated by the results of a study on digital platforms conducted by Fedesarolo, which shows that 18% are encouraged to keep Chamber of Commerce records, 15% developed new business lines, 28% were encouraged to obtain debit cards and 37% credit cards.

Businesses born out of the collaborative economy have been effective because they have created new ways to meet consumer needs and have helped alleviate the day-to-day problems of thousands of people who need additional or recurring income.

There is no growth or development without flexibility, even if it is a concept that was not born from the cooperative economy, it is directly linked to it. We will be blocked in time and we will not leave the social, political, economic, commercial structures that we have put in place so far. Ability to react quickly to meet the challenges posed by new contexts It is essential to be able to progress in all areas.

* opinion column On behalf of the General Manager of Rappi Colombia on Allied Economy

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