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The Ministry of Mines announced on December 31 the fuel prices that will govern from this Saturday January 1 in Colombia, which will have an average increase of $ 176 per gallon for gasoline and $ 166 for diesel.

(How much liquid fuel did the country consume in 2021).

According to MinMinas, the new fuel prices incorporate updated transmission tariff elements for multiple pipelines, ground transportation and tagging tariffs., adjustment according to the CPI of 4.86% communicated by the Danish for the year 2021 and inflation target of 3% of the Banco de la República for 2022.

Thus, the average price of gasoline, considering the 13 main cities, will be $ 9,048 per gallon, while the average price of diesel will remain at $ 8,884 per gallon (see table city by city).

These increases also take into account changes in the international prices of refined products during the last week of December. In particular, in the last days of December, the international price of motor gasoline showed an increase of 2% compared to the last week of November. Likewise, the international price of diesel showed a positive variation of 4% over this period, compared to the last days of December.

(Primax and Terpel stations will only sell Ecopetrol fuels).

In addition, the price of Brent in the last quarter of 2021 showed a 10% increase over the average price recorded in the immediately preceding quarter.

It is important to stress that despite the increases that fuel prices will have for January 2022, gasoline and diesel remain $ 123 and $ 79 respectively, below March 2020 prices when MinEnergía announced the biggest price cuts in history.

Gasoline prices in January, city by city.


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