The new Colombian government seeks internal peace; end of border conflicts | Opinion

Former President of the Republic of Colombia, Ivan Duque, officially left state power on August 7, to make way for a new government administration headed by President Gustavo Petro and Afro-Colombian Vice President Francia Mark Mina.

The situation of structural crisis, coupled with violence and the system of racial extermination is worrying.

Unemployment among workers, professionals and technicians is close to 11.2%. Inflation is close to 21%, strongly affecting the youth population. Poverty for this year 2022, approaches nearly 40%.

President Duque closed the legislative session in July with 73% disapproval.

The massacres under the Duque presidency

Internal negotiations with the various power factors were not easy. The trauma caused by the armed conflict is a factor that still affects millions of Colombians. Every family has someone kidnapped, missing or murdered during almost a century of continuous violence.

Peace agreements between the armed sectors and the Colombian state were finalized in Havana, Cuba in 2016 under the presidency of Manuel Santos.

The recently re-elected Afro-Colombian senator, Piedad Córdoba, was a vital bridge between the armed forces involving the conflicts between the Colombian Revolutionary Women (FARC-EP) and the Colombian government, as well as the Venezuelan government due to the armed conflicts between the two country.

These peace agreements aspired to end five decades of armed conflict. However, these agreements have hardly been respected, since in the last three years of President Duque’s government there have been three major massacres and an increase in the displacement of many Afro-Colombian peoples to the cities.

According to the recently published Human Rights and Conflict and Peace Observatory, in the last three years during the pandemic, three major massacres have been perpetrated. In 2020, there were 91 massacres and 381 people killed.

In 2021, there were 96 massacres, with 338 victims, and this year 2022, until July, there were 53 massacres with 185 people murdered.

The peace accords have been violated and the proof is in sight. Today, the main objective of the new government is to achieve internal peace and end the armed conflict on the border between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Colombian armed sectors that exist on the border with Venezuela.

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