Tekmovil expands partnership with Brighter Children organization

Tekmovil’s partnership with the organization began in November 2020 with a commitment to sponsor a group of 20 school-aged girls in Santa Maria, Colombia at a Brighter Children partner school, Oasis of Hope. The donation included full school fees for all 20 girls, 100% of profits going towards school resources and efficiency, including lunch, medical care, transportation to and from school, as well as teachers’ salaries.

This year’s donation expansion includes a new partnership with a Brighter Children partner school in Hondurascalled Students Helping Honduras, sponsoring 20 extra tuition fees, and by Colombia covering the full cost of annual tuition for sponsored students due to inflation and an increase in the cost of living and school supplies.

“We know the impact of a good education on breaking down barriers for children in poor areas, and with that in mind, we wanted to expand our partnership with Brighter Children,” said Claudia Rodriguez, COO of Tekmovil. “Our hope with this partnership is that we not only give these children the opportunity to continue learning, but also open the doors of opportunity for them.”

The sponsorship in Honduras recognizes the region’s staggering poverty rate (66%), currently the most unequal country Latin America. Only 2% of the wealthiest students in Honduras attend a bilingual private school. Consequently, very few people speak English in Honduras. Students Helping Honduras promises that 100% of their students will be fluent in English when they graduate.

“Through our continued support with other sponsors, Brighter Children can continue to change lives,” said Ms. Rodríguez. “We believe that the best way to stop the cycle of poverty is to support children in their education. Developing future leaders through educational skills will enable them to overcome obstacles and turn their dreams into reality.”

For more information or to support Brighter Children, visit https://www.brighterchildren.org/.

About Bright Kids

Founded in 2013, Brighter Children was created on the principle that education is a key factor in the success of all children. Brighter Children gives children the opportunity to go to school by supporting the efforts of education entrepreneurs who have set out to provide educational facilities in some of the world’s poorest countries. Since its inception, Brighter Children has funded over 2 million hours of education for over 1,500 children. For more information, visit https://www.brighterchildren.org/.

About Tekmovil

Tekmovil is a highly innovative mobile technology distribution and services company committed to bringing the best mobile technology to new frontiers. Tekmovil leverages industry-leading expertise to provide manufacturing, network operator and key channel partners a competitive advantage by delivering high-value services. Based at Miami, FloridaTekmovil operates in more than 14 countries in three regions.

Tekmovil’s value proposition is to disrupt the traditional distributor model with technology-enabled services that seamlessly maximize brand and customer performance while delivering innovative, customer-focused, technology-supported services. which result in increased sales, customer satisfaction and value for customers and their customers. . For more information, visit www.tekmovil.com.

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