Richmond company FATSO makes dark chocolate fun

A South London-based chocolate company is putting the fun back into dark chocolate while being “totally uncompromising on ethics”.

Richmond-based FATSO was launched in March this year.

The bars are sold online for £5.95 each, but are also featured in independent shops and cafes, both locally and across the UK.

FATSO’s philosophy is to produce ecologically sustainable dark chocolate and to help communities in Colombia improve their quality of life.

The bars have unique flavors and wrappers to try and put a creative spin on dark chocolate.

Ella McKay, co-founder of FATSO, told Newsquest South London: “I’m a big foodie, I love food.

“And a few former colleagues and friends are also big foodies.

“We love dark chocolate, love dark chocolate, still love it, but we all have backgrounds in marketing, branding and design.

“We thought ‘why is the category so boring?’ it’s just that he takes himself super seriously.

“You have milk chocolate sitting next to you on the shelf, fun, playful and exciting with some interesting flavors – why is milk chocolate getting so much fun?

“We wanted to show that dark chocolate can give us as much pleasure as milk chocolate and something absolutely uncompromising on ethics.”

The bars produced by FATSO are extremely chucky and have their own flavor story written inside each box, which has a stylish vintage design.

Each bar has its own unique theme which includes: “Nans Stash” which contains peanuts, caramel and cookies – it’s a much richer bar with 70% cocoa.

“Mornin’ Glory” which tastes like toast and orange marmalade for a breakfast themed bar.

And finally, “Home Run”, Ella’s favorite.

Ella, who has lived at Twickenham for over six years, added: “The home run is our sort of ode to the classic baseball snack.

“So it’s salted pretzel, whole almonds and honey cane.”

“It’s probably my favorite – I can’t keep a bar open for very long at all.

“The main thing was that we wanted to create something that was a really thick bar that felt plentiful, full of inclusions, you know big holes – we wanted it to have some real stuff in it.”

FATSO sources its cocoa from a family business called Luker’s Farm in Colombia.

Luker’s Farm is also the founder of The Chocolate Dream, an initiative that ensures the sustainable development of cocoa growing territories.

From improving farmers’ incomes, strengthening the social well-being of local communities and maintaining an environmental balance in coca-growing communities.

Each FATSO bar purchased provides funds that go to projects in Colombia such as improving access to education for the creation of access to drinking water in villages.

Ella explained: “In the industry in general, there’s so much corruption, so it’s such a difficult category to navigate from an ethical standpoint, so it was absolutely important that we got it right.”

“Luker and The Chocolate Dream work with many different partners across Colombia, and they make sure everything is grown, managed, and running smoothly, but they also really wanted to promote and revitalize the community in the rural areas of Colombia. Colombia.

“Obviously one of the obstacles to that, historically, was corruption, not just in chocolate.

“So there would be a lot of young people moving to the cities, or there would be people who didn’t have an education and couldn’t live prosperously.

“So the Chocolate Dream is basically about using the cultivation and making of chocolate as a way to create a better life for Colombians.”

You can buy FATSO dark chocolate bars at

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