Report commissioned by Apple says app tracking transparency hasn’t significantly benefited the company

According to Kinshuk Jerath, a business professor in Columbia Business School’s marketing division, it’s unlikely that Apple has seen a significant financial benefit from app tracking transparency since launching the privacy feature last year.

In a report commissioned by Apple, Jerath said claims that billions of advertising dollars shifted from companies like Meta to Apple due to the introduction of app tracking transparency are “speculative” and “lack evidence.” supporting”.

Jerath provided three reasons for his opinion:

  • Apple’s Search Ads business is only a small part of the overall mobile advertising market
  • The growth in Apple’s Search Ads business predates the introduction of app tracking transparency and is likely due in part to other factors, such as the continued overall growth of mobile ads and app ads. app installation and expansion of Search Ads business in China in July 2021
  • Apple provides a prompt during the iOS setup process that allows users to opt out of personalized ads on their device

In October 2021, the FinancialTimes reported that App Tracking Transparency had resulted in a “windfall” for Apple’s advertising business. The report claims that Apple’s share of the mobile app advertising market tripled in the six months since the feature was introduced. Apple said the feature was designed to protect users, not benefit the company.

Apple did not provide any internal figures to support the report’s findings.

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