MinCultura de Colombia launches an online course on the orange economy


If you are looking for skills as a professional in the creative industry or if you want to take your business to another level as a strategic player within a cluster of the so-called orange economy, the Colombian Ministry of Culture launched a virtual course entitled in Spanish “Colombia Crea Valor: Herramientas para incrementar el valor competitivo de la Economía Naranja” or in English “Colombia Creates Value: Tools to increase the competitive value of the orange economy”.

This free online course – available in Spanish and English – is structured around seven thematic modules, which offer flexible timetables to students, and is part of an international cooperation strategy led by the Ministry of Culture to protect and promote the country’s culture and heritage. The course aims to strengthen the practical and day-to-day skills of emerging or established entrepreneurs, large business owners, artists, cultural managers, academia, as well as anyone from the public or private sectors, involved in creative ecosystems and cultural.

Representatives of companies from other countries are also invited to participate and receive, at the end of the three-month course, a certificate from the Politécnico Grancolombiano. Around 10,000 professionals from around the world have been invited to enroll in a course which includes 60 international and national speakers, mentors and 120 hours of online content. “Speakers will share their knowledge and enable participants to develop skills and capacities so that their businesses can be a creative force in their communities and globally,” said Adriana Padilla, Deputy Minister of Creativity and Innovation. orange economy.

The seven thematic modules are based on the management strategies of the orange economy, known as 7 i: Information, Institutions, Industry, Infrastructure, Integration, Inclusion and Inspiration. The online platform also includes over 250 audiovisual aids, videoconferences and materials, including case studies.

From learning how to integrate best practices into a start-up to building a value-driven business in creative goods and services, this online course is an initiative of the Orange Economy International School and developed by the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia. – APC, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation – UNOSSC, United Nations Development Program – UNDP and Politécnico Grancolombiano.

For the dean of Politécnico Grancolombiano, Juan Fernando Montañez, the development of this massive open online course (MOOC) on the orange economy “serves as a source of information and inspiration for the world, designed with the best digital resources , the result of teamwork with experts from the Ministry of Culture and excellent academics from our academic institution.

Entrepreneurs, artists and cultural managers interested in taking the course Colombia creates value: tools to increase the competitive value of the orange economy should register at:

https://colombiacreavalor.economia Naranja.gov.co

Three paths are available to Orange Economy students to obtain certification:

1.Trainer to trainers: for those who follow the seven modules

2. Institutional Managers: those who complete the Infrastructure, Institutions and Information modules.

3. Entrepreneurs: those who follow the Industry, Inspiration and Integration modules.

In case you missed it, this free online course is available in English, so get your notebooks ready, sharpen your pencils and become part of an interconnected economy that encompasses media, advertising, digital communications, filmmaking films, audiovisual production, games and innovation. technologies, cultural management, among others.

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