Mid-Missouri Moving Company Unable To Book All Requests Due To Staff Shortage | Missouri News

The owner of Tiger Moving in Colombia talks about the challenges the company faces in supplying enough trucks to its customers due to increased business this winter. Tiger Moving is one of the many companies that have suffered the effects of staff shortages in the wake of the pandemic.

COLUMBIA – A local moving company has faced a staff shortage affecting its ability to help all clients.

Tiger Moving owner Levi Alldredge said his business has seen a faster increase in the number of people looking to relocate during the winter months.

“Usually in winter people don’t move around as much. We’re not as busy as April through August, but this winter has been very busy compared to previous off seasons for us,” Alldredge said.

“We have been very busy the past few weeks, which makes it difficult to integrate every client that needs to be moved into our schedule,” said Alldredge.

According to Buddha.com, out of 63 moving companies surveyed, 67% of moving companies are booked at least three weeks more than in previous seasons.

“It’s been a bit of a half-scale challenge this year to find crew members to come out and do the job,” Alldredge said.

According to the same Buddha.com data, 67% of moving companies in 2021 do not have enough drivers to meet demand, which many attribute at least in part to the loss of jobs linked to the pandemic.

“We’ve got a really good group of guys coming out and have been able to do a lot of movement which is good, especially with the fact that we’ve been busy this winter,” Alldredge said.

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