LATAM POLITICS TODAY-Argentina’s economy superminister announces advisers

The latest in Latin American politics today:

Super Economy Minister Massa prepares to take the reins BUENOS AIRES – New Super Economy Minister Sergio Massa announced his top advisers as he prepared to be sworn in on Wednesday. The names include Eduardo Setti, an economist with experience in capital markets, whom Massa hired as finance secretary.

The move comes days after Massa was named head of the government’s new economic zone ministry, an overhaul of several ministries made by the government aimed at tackling high inflation, a crippling budget deficit and a currency at spiraling levels. historically low against the dollar. Local media reported that Massa would travel to the United States and France at the end of August to meet with authorities from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Paris Club. Argentina is $44 billion in debt to the Fund and is currently negotiating $2 billion of outstanding debt with the Paris Club.

The Colombian Attorney General asks again to close the case against former President Uribe BOGOTA polarizing and long-term investigation.

Uribe and several allies are being investigated over allegations of witness tampering aimed at discrediting accusations that he has links to right-wing paramilitaries. Uribe has always denied the allegations. The attorney general’s office had previously asked to wind down the investigation, after saying it concluded that Uribe’s conduct did not constitute a crime. But in April, a judge dismissed the claim, saying there was a possible case of corruption.

Mexican, Brazilian responses to monkeypox spark concern MEXICO CITY – Public health experts and doctors are sounding the alarm over what they see as lukewarm responses to the spread of monkeypox in the largest countries in Latin America.

“We don’t see the necessary action being taken, nor the necessary prominence given to monkeypox,” said Mexico City sexual health specialist Dr. Sergio Montalvo. More than two-thirds of confirmed cases of the viral illness in Latin America are in Brazil, which has documented more than 970 cases, followed in number by Peru and Mexico.

Luxembourg banks have been ordered to freeze Ecuador’s assets in a dispute with Perenco, documents show, a document seen by Reuters showed.

The Ecuadorian government pledged in June 2021 to honor the debt, granted to Perenco by the World Bank’s International Center for Investment Disputes, which ruled that Ecuador had illegally terminated a debt-sharing agreement. production with the company. The country’s solicitor general said last year that due to financial difficulties, the government had contacted Perenco to negotiate a payment plan. Chilean Boric takes center stage as vote on new constitution nears

SANTIAGO, Aug 1 (Reuters) – The race to approve or reject Chile’s new constitution in September is entering its final weeks as the ‘no’ vote remains out front and progressive President Gabriel Boric has taken a more active role in the race . According to a survey published Sunday by Cadem, 38% of voters plan to approve the new text, against a low of 33% at the end of June. Despite weeks of growing support, the “yes” vote is down 1 point from last week and still trails those considering rejection by 10 points.

Slowing inflation in Venezuela is surprising in more ways than one CARACAS – As the world struggles to contain rising prices, Venezuela, where hyperinflation has driven millions abroad, manages to slow it down – and unexpectedly.

President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government has managed to rein in inflation with a toolkit of orthodox economic policies, five sources familiar with the matter and analysts said. Soaring oil prices have also provided the OPEC nation with needed revenue. (Compiled by Steven Grattan Editing by Tomasz Janowski)

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