LATAM is the first company in Colombia to resume in-flight service

LATAM Airlines in Colombia has resumed in-flight service on domestic flights, again offering all passengers free sweet or savory food and drinks (water, coffee, juice and soft drinks). This resumption is possible after the government lifted restrictions on in-flight service, suspended on domestic flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are focused on continuing to improve the experience we offer our passengers on board. That’s why, since August, the in-flight catering service has been available to all our passengers domestically, on all LATAM flights. With this attribute, we continue to strengthen the service proposition that we offer our customers on a daily basis to make their flight a memorable experience”, said Camilo Prieto, commercial director of LATAM Airlines Colombia.

Gastronomic alternatives vary according to flight schedule (morning, afternoon and evening), class (Premium Economy or Economy) and routes.

Thus, passengers in Premium Economy class, on company lines such as Bogotá – Medellín – Bogotá or Bogotá – Cali – Bogotá, have since June benefited from a robust gastronomic offer consisting of sandwiches, muffins, packets of potatoes, packages of nibs, nuts and cereal bars, as well as their drinks.

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On the other hand, Economy customers will be able to opt for alternatives such as crisps, nibs or cereal bars, accompanied by the drink of their choice (water, coffee, juice and soft drinks).

It is important to remember that, despite the resumption of this service, the use of face masks during the flight is still mandatory as a protective measure and their removal is only authorized in the event of food or hydration.

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LATAM Colombia Destination Network

According to data obtained via Aerocivil, the company carried 4,175,076 passengers in the domestic market during the first half of 2022, which represents a growth of 76% compared to the same period of 2019, when it carried 2,372. 092 travelers during the same period.

Currently, by passenger movement, it is the second most important company in the country and the best of the LATAM group with a growth of 9% per month.

The company operates the following lines:

  • From Bogota (BOG) to: Armenia (AXM), Barranquilla (BAQ), Bucaramanga (BGA), Cali (CLO), Cartagena (CTG), Cúcuta (CUC), Leticia (LET), Medellín/Rionegro (MDE), Monteria (MTR), Neiva (NVA), Pasto (PSO), Pereira (PEI), San Andrés (ADZ), Santa Marta (SMR), Yopal (EYP) and Valledupar (VUP).
  • From Medellín/Rionegro (MDE) to: Barranquilla (BAQ), Bucaramanga (BGA), Cali (CLO), Cartagena (CTG), Cúcuta (CUC), Montería (MTR), Pereira (PEI), Santa Marta (SMR) and San Andres (ADZ).
  • From Cali (CLO) to: Barranquilla (BAQ), Cartagena (CTG), Montería (MTR), Pasto (PSO), San Andrés (ADZ) and Santa Marta (SMR).
  • From Cartagena (CTG) to: San Andrés (ADZ).

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“Recycle your trip”: sorting and proper disposal of waste.

The implementation of in-flight service on the 33 domestic routes operated by LATAM Airlines nationwide will increase the monthly tons of waste generated by the operation.

Faced with this problem and in line with the Group’s sustainable development strategy, which aims to eliminate single-use plastic by 2023 and to be a Group with zero waste to landfill by 2027, the airline has implemented the ‘Recycle Your Flight’ initiative, which aims to ensure waste is classified on the ground for proper use or disposal.

Thus, through an exhaustive review of waste classification and disposal processes at each of the airports where the airline operates, it is ensured that all waste generated is properly managed in each of the cities where it lands.

And in cases where the terminal does not have a management system, the waste is again sent to the cargo compartment for disposal in Bogota, upon arrival at El Dorado airport, where 65% of the waste are currently used and 100% Is managed.

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