Grave of a former official of the Judiciary who cooperated with a criminal organization

Panama – The Lead Prosecutor Emeldo Marqueconfirmed the apprehension of one former official of the Judiciary, 36 years old, in the Spigadila in the province from Saintsas Part of search and pursuit from operation “Damascus”.


Márquez said that this former official it was moved from Los Santos to the capitalhim and so-called toastat confidential information Yes defense strategy consulting to one orcriminal organization, known as “HP“, Ddedicated to international drug trafficking and linked to the Clan of the Gulf of Colombia.

added what concerned this the same investigations were apprehended always Male.

In this operation, about 9 raids were carried out in the provinces of Los Santos and Panamagive with apprehension with relativeswith a organized crime offence.

On the other hand, National Police Director John Dornheimindicates that other people were apprehended in a building raid in cdriveway 75 San Francisco, Where isand seized drugs, cash and high-end cars.

Underline that while they were racing from a balcony of the ebuilding released a package of suspicious drugs.

Dornheim said police actions vsThey will continue to capture Robert Aguilar Becerra, alias Robert, leader of the criminal group, and other members of the Honesty and Purity (HP) group.

In Last November, the authorities executed the “Damascus” operationvsarrested and charged several members of the “HP“, a criminal gang linked to the Gulf Cartel and linked to homicides, money laundering and the transport of drugs to the United States and Europe.

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