Former president denounces Colombian government for collusion with Trump’s re-election campaign

Former Colombian President and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Juan Manuel Santos (top left) told a conference at the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá that he had received credible intelligence from Washington that officials in the administration of current Colombian President Ivan Duque have offered to help the re-election effort of US President Donald Trump. It comes after US Vice President Mike Pence tweeted his support for former Colombian President and Duque political boss Alvaro Uribe, who is currently facing criminal charges for witness tampering and being subjected to criminal prosecution. ‘an investigation for massacres and collaboration with death squads.

If this is true, such assistance violates not only ethics but US electoral law.

Santos was the president of Colombia just before the current president Ivan Duque. Alvaro Uribe was president before Santos. Santos served as Uribe’s Defense Minister and Finance Minister, and was initially backed by Uribe as a successor, but they quickly fell out once Uribe realized Santos would not obey his orders. Duque meanwhile, also handpicked by Uribe, is a faithful “Uribista”.

“There is one aspect that concerns me enormously,” Santos said. “Because they called me from Washington and said ‘you were the architect of bipartisan politics, there are spokesmen for the current Colombian government who are calling the Trump campaign to see how they can help. ‘ This is very serious, because not only is it illegal but it generates a reaction from the Democratic Party, which already knows that this is happening.

Santos was at the Binational Chamber of Commerce to discuss his upcoming book “An Optimistic Message for a World in Crisis”.

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