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The new CEO of Columbia-based Capital Office Products, Inc, Ashley Whisonant, could be considered a superhero. The former Lexington Richland District Five elementary school teacher has taken on running a male-dominated business alongside balancing her duties as a basketball mom and being a supportive wife and daughter.

His father, Bill MacDonald, started Capital Office Products, Inc., a local document solutions company specializing in office equipment, in 1997. He led the successful business while guiding it through the process. .

Ashley started working for the family business in her twenties. She has done everything from receptionist to accounting to sales rep and customer service. The hands-on experience helped make his next step as COO a smooth transition.

Building on her father’s vision created 25 years ago in April is a new and exciting opportunity for Ashley to take the business to the next level. Responsibility rests with the entire Capital Office Products team. Many partners have been part of the team for 15 years.

Despite so many businesses closing due to a lack of staff, Capital Office Products has been able to thrive and endure through the pandemic solely because of its associates.

“We really value our employees; they’re part of our family. There’s no ‘me’ or ‘I’, it’s ‘our’ company, and we’re in this together,” Whisonant said.

Finding ways to better serve customers is vital for any business, and under Ashley’s leadership, the business has grown to include IT services. J

Thinking outside the box, the company recently acquired Aurora IT Solutions and will now offer iCloud management services.

“Our goal has always been to be the complete office solutions provider for our customers,” she said. “However, we were missing the essential element of network management and information technology. Tim Larson, formerly of Aurora IT, demonstrated the same commitment to customer service as Capital. ‘integrate its services into Capital Office Products.’

The way forward is still uncertain. However, Capital Office Products, Inc. founder Bill MacDonald created a successful plan, and Ashley is confident her father provided a solid foundation for the business.

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