“Boca cannot commit its economy to the will of a player”

Agustin Rossi has been offered a contract extension until December 2026 And during these hours he analyzes a proposal described by the Football Council as “giant”, in the words of Jorge Bermudez. Another Colombian mentioned the conversation that the instruction is made with the footballer who is admired by the fans: Oscar Cordobaold glory bow xeneizeMarked the area.

“It will be necessary to be at the Boca Football Commission, to understand which figures are manipulated and what the intentions of the player are. Renewing it is a priority, but you also have to see that the players have a constant: they leave, they use Boca and they leave. You have to understand how ready Boca is to adapt to its budget and the possibilities of its players”, was the first sentence of the former goalkeeper who won 6 titles at La Ribera (including the Intercontinental 2000).

Cordoba said, “There are two approaches to the conversation; The end in the middle is where we meet and say what’s best for both sides. We need to hear what Rossi wants, If he wants a contract renewal which is suddenly not in Boca’s budget. There is also no one who commits the club’s economy solely to the player’s will or decision.,

Oscar Cordoba analyzes Agustin Rossi’s situation at Boca

Besiktas of the United States and Turkey before Cali saw the natural opportunity that Rossi could be free mid-2023: “Gattie’s gone, hey Patto Abbondanzieri Gone… It’s just giving someone else a chance. Who does not want to be, no good, what else are we going to do. We are not going to mortgage the club’s economy. We will look for a new goalkeeper like we went for a Rossi at that time and open the doors for him to be Boca’s goalkeeper.

Although Scar Córdoba has close contact with the Colombians in the Football Council and also shares a dressing room with Juan Roman Riquelme and . disciple Delgado clarified that he had no interference in the task force’s decisions. Asked about a possible alternative to a Boca goal, he demonstrated it: “I better shut up because the last time I recommended the goalkeeper, Rivera bought him and won everything (for Franco Armani) . I’m talking Boy With (Serna) and Jorge (Bermudez) because I have a company here in Colombia, but I don’t belong to Boca in any way. And he insisted: “It is time to negotiate. If that doesn’t happen, welcome, someone else will come. Boca Boca will remain”.

The 52-year-old from Cali noted that fans have a ‘romance’ with the current goalkeeper, but at the same time underlined his view that there are players who “They use Boca as a trampoline.” Regarding his situations, he analysed: “He knows what to do in his moments and if Boca has reached the definition of punishment, it’s because he has the power to keep the team competitive and lead by example. ” The team knows they have a good goalkeeper and these definitions raise expectations.

Finally, he recalled why he left the club in 2001, before landing in Perugia in Italy: “Corlito arrived, Macri wanted to pacify my contract and I had already achieved all the objectives with Boca. The time had come.”

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