Avianca Ecuador inaugurates an aircraft with new “Plus” and “Economy” seats –

Avianca Ecuador inaugurates an aircraft with new “Plus” and “Economy” seats

Avianca has long anticipated the entry of its new cabin configuration in its subsidiaries, bringing a new configuration with the three new types of seats: Premium, Plus and Economy

The Colombian carrier has estimated that the first fully designed aircraft will be ready in the second quarter of 2022 and that the full and final configuration of the A320 fleet will be completed by the end of 2022. Despite this, Avianca Ecuador has already announced its first aircraft with the new Avianca cabin configuration.

It is an Airbus A320 which has two of the three new seats: “Plus” and “Economy”. Thanks to the new design of the passenger cabin, the Colombian carrier will offer 20% more seats, which will generate efficiency that will soon translate into lower prices.

The “Plus” seat is for those who prefer to be closer to the door in the event of an overflow. Between rows four and 14, the design of this seat is light and comfortable, it has an independent six-movement headrest for better rest, independent support for personal electronic devices, USB ports and ‘a tilt.

In the “Economy” seat, with a simpler arrangement of rows 15 to 32, customers will have access to a better price, which will allow them to purchase other additional services and adapt their travel experience. This chair features pre-recline, table-built personal electronic device cradle, and USB ports.

By February 2022, Avianca Ecuador will have at least three reconfigured planes out of the seven they have in service in the South American country.

This week, its first reconfigured aircraft enters service on Ecuador’s domestic routes. As announced, the new seats for Avianca’s short and medium-haul aircraft are: “Premium”, “Plus” and “Economy”.

The new seats, designed by Recaro Aircraft Seating, show the new type of transporter that Avianca has become: low cost. The seat design, defined by Recaro, reduces the weight per passenger by more than 30% in each aircraft and reduces on average CO2 emissions by more than 13% for each passenger carried.

The new interior design of the aircraft also includes the Airbus SpaceFlex, a module that optimizes space at the rear of the aircraft, combining kitchens and toilets, and which allows Avianca to increase the number of seats.

More than 100 Avianca experts have been working for more than a year on the redesign project, which had the participation of major strategic allies.

Among these allies, Recaro, which manufactures all the new seats, including an exclusive one for Avianca, and Airbus, with whom they use much more space behind the planes thanks to SpaceFlex and who directly supported the reconfiguration process.

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