All about RESET – Fitness partner of Miss India Organization

Over the years, RESET has proven to be an incredible asset to the Miss India Organization. The Gym is accredited for its unparalleled success in offering handpicked equipment and fitness workouts to help its members achieve their individual potential and health goals.

With centers in Bandra in Mumbai and Koramangala in Bangalore, RESET is the brainchild of world famous holistic nutritionist, Luke Coutinho, and sequential entrepreneur, Karan Talreja. Recognizing that acquiring fitness is the need of the hour, this one-stop-shop follows an internationally proven physical training module with state-of-the-art infrastructure and methodology of unparalleled service.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic has succeeded in putting an end to our daily lives, it has not extinguished the spark of the most glamorous platform; the organization rocked the scene anyway, and RESET continued to help our queen maintain a healthy body.

While people quickly switched to random methods of staying in shape, they didn’t get the proper nutrition needed for the type of workout, sport, or exercise they were involved in and ended up injuring themselves. along with the wrong exercise, the reason being the lack of proper nutrition. advice offered to them. People are often recommended various diets to achieve significant weight loss in the current scenario. However, these fad diets do not explain their impact on hormones, body metabolism, and stress levels. In addition to receiving a proper healing solution, one should also train under the competent guidance of a qualified trainer and yoga expert. There is a massive need for wellness in an integrative way. Today, since it is about physical health, diet and nutrition, having a fitness setup following a more integrated approach under one roof will help to holistically combat these conditions. . The whole concept to launch RESET was to offer a space where people meet and train under the constant supervision of a professionally trained team.


Thanks to its integrated approach, RESET is armed with a futuristic gymnasium, an assortment of functional workouts, a rejuvenating spa and massage center, as well as trendy yoga sessions at sunrise and sunset. of the sun on an air bridge with an exquisite view. His relentless efforts to offer a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness by bringing together under one roof a set of professionally trained people to teach, guide and coach people in creating a fit and healthy body. health sets RESET apart from the rest. Members have the option to work out while soaking up the sun, which is so rare for fitness centers, a good mix of creative and athletic movement.

RESET pole fitness is without a doubt one of the most functional ways to get in shape, strengthen and tone upper body muscles, thus boosting self-confidence. Although extremely difficult, the activity is flexible without effort, making it a seamless option even for beginners.

Realizing that a good combination of fitness and fun will give great results, RESET also offers fun exercises such as Zumba workouts that merge great dance and aerobic movements and are a perfect option for those who want to exercise. fitness and dance enthusiasts. The workout combines essential fitness elements including cardio, endurance building, strength training, balance and elasticity, so you can burn calories and have fun simultaneously.

Plus, for the first time ever, RESET’s unusual and therapeutic animal movement workouts take you back in time using primitive movements you must have long forgotten. A fun way to build muscle in the body, these workouts help tone your body significantly.

The Swedish gymnastics classes at RESET are absolutely unique and represent a big change from conventional training. Practitioners learn to use their body weight without depending on free weights or exercise machines.

High intensity workouts drain a large part of your body’s energy levels; this is why the center has offered its exclusive recovery ice baths which allow fitness enthusiasts to soak in ice water for a few minutes to facilitate the reduction of post-exercise fatigue and to advance muscle recovery. Their steam facilities help reduce tension and stiffness in muscles. The increase in temperature greatly increases immunity, promoting the creation of white blood cells.

RESET is the only center that has qualified massage therapists on board who offer a variety of beneficial massages, such as Ayurvedic, anti-aging and trigger point therapies, to name a few, which reduce stress, induce instant recovery, stimulate blood circulation and promote detoxification.

For national competition winners, who’s-who of the Bollywood industry and big names in business, RESET in Mumbai is nestled over 10,000 square feet, with an open terrace overlooking the Arabian Sea, while RESET in Koramangala spans 12,000 square feet with lavish interiors, equipped with state of the art amenities. RESET Koramangala is the first wellness center in India to offer a full-fledged health café and gym, Café RESET.

The Gym is proud to be part of the transformational journey that has changed the lives of many well-known personalities and to help our beauty queens be the best version of themselves nationally and internationally. RESET should mark her eventful growth in the Fitness Zone.

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