“A capital coup”: the Colombian government overthrows six members of the ELN and announces the dismantling of the Western war front


Colombian government security authorities said on Monday that they had succeeded in dismantling the Western War Front of the National Liberation Army (ELN), through a “high precision and surgical operation”, executed between members of the police and the army.

The information was released by Colombia’s Interior Minister Daniel Palacios and Defense Minister Diego Molano via Twitter, where they detailed that the military operation was carried out in the rural village of Corriente Palo, more precisely in the jungle area of ​​the municipality of El Litoral del Bajo San Juan, in the department of Chocó, in the west of the country.

Palacios said the operation, called ‘Samuel’, “It was directed against the pseudonym Fabían, main leader of the Western War Front and a member of the ELN National Directorate ”, and against alias“ Carlitos ”, whom he also identified as one of the guerrilla leaders.

According to the official, the operation was the “most important” they have executed against the ELN “in recent years” and he assured that they would continue to fight illegal armed groups, “anywhere in the national territory”.

For his part, Defense Minister Diego Molano said that with this operation they gave “a decisive blow “ to “over 30 years of kidnappings, arms trafficking and thousands of crimes”.

Regarding the operation, Molano explained that “an operations center in which military actions were carried out” had been located and where “6 members of the ELN were neutralized” that have not been identified– while three others were injured. In addition, he claimed that “several pieces of evidence” were seized which could have information about alleged subversive plans.

Awaiting identification

At the same press conference, Colombian Police Director General Jorge Vargas said “enough biological material” had been found in the forensic camp to identify those who died at the site.

The police chief also indicated that they were already on the trail of “leaders who would replace the alias Fabián”, and commented that, “by line of command”, the successor would be “the alias La Abuela”.

Likewise, the official insisted on the discovery of “precious digital elements with information” which will be analyzed by computer scientists in order to corroborate the alleged violent plans which, according to the Colombian authorities, have the influence of “Cuba and Venezuela. “.

The air force bombings were carried out 13 kilometers from the rural area of ​​the village of Corriente Palo where, allegedly, “There was no civilian population within a radius of more than seven kilometers ”, declared General Jorge Mora, commander of the special forces of the army of this country, quoted by Radio RCN.

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